Parent Handbook


Camp Hours: 9 am – 4 pm Monday through Friday.

All campers should be dropped off and picked up at Chabad House 1428 17th St. A dedicated loading and unloading zone will be set up curb–side to avoid blocking the street and neighbors drive-ways. There will be staff on-hand 15 minutes prior to camp’s start to help your child disembark from your vehicle to ensure fast and efficient drop-off. As well as 15 minutes after camp ends to help load your child into your vehicle.

Remember please be considerate of our neighbors and do not park in or block their drive-ways.

Morning drop-off is between 8:45 and 9 am
Afternoon pick-up is between 4 and 4:15 pm

Any children being dropped-off or picked up out of these times can arrange for after-care with our office.

Children being dropped-off late or picked up early should park and bring in their child to his/her group.

After-Care: There is after-care available in the mornings after 8:15 am and afternoons till 6:00 pm. Please call our office for fees.



Safety is our number one concern at Camp Gan Israel. Our camper to counselor ratio is very small. On trips and at the park we are always extra vigilant. We have created Camp wristbands with our name and number in case a camper is (G-D Forbid) ever separated from his/her group. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to speak to us.


 All campers will be checked for lice before they enter camp.  Any camper who misses more than 2 days of camp must be checked for lice on their return.  If your child has lice, you are required to contact the camp office immediately.  Your child will not be allowed back to camp before a lice inspection.


Our campers enjoy free swim. Trained and certified lifeguards supervise at private pools. You will receive a schedule on Fridays determining what are the swim days for the next week. To save valuable time, children should come on swim days wearing their swimsuits under their clothing. Please name label all items. Sun Block should be applied on your child before they come to camp so it will be effective. On swim days please make sure your child has; a swim suit, towel and goggles (optional.)


At least twice a week there will be a trip day. To provide extra safety, we require all campers to wear their Camp T-shirt on these days. T-shirts will be available at the open house and during camp for $10. Hats are also available for $12. Please do not send any money with your child on trip days or any day unless otherwise noted.


In order for your child to fully enjoy our camp program, please refrain from picking him/her up before dismissal time. If your child must be taken from camp early, you MUST notify the director before leaving. Under no circumstances will a camper be permitted to leave before dismissal unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Unless there is an extreme emergency, campers will not be able to make phone calls during camp. Parents should not call to speak to their children. For any last minute important information about your child’s well being, you can reach us at the camp number: 310-341-3837

Campers are not permitted to use cell phones during camp.


If there is any reason your child cannot participate in any activity, please make sure to send a note or email specifying so. Also, if you have not already noted on the registration form that your child requires a special diet or any other special care during camp, please make sure to notify us, so that necessary arrangements will be made.


As in the past, we are continuing our lunch program. For $25 a week or $7 a day we will provide your child with a nutritious lunch consisting of a protein, grain, fruit or vegetable and drink. Each child should bring his/her own morning snack. If you are bringing your own lunch to camp please send only pareve or dairy (no meat). We will provide cold drinks as well as an afternoon snack.


Campers should wear casual comfortable clothing and shoes (not flip-flops.) A hat may be suggested to help protect your child from the sun. Boys are encouraged to wear a Kipah or hat (such as a baseball cap).

Being that many days we will be spending time outdoors, please apply sunscreen before coming to camp. You may also send along a bottle of sunscreen with his/her name on it to be used during the day.

It is best that campers leave items of value at home (ipods, phones etc.) We are not responsible for any valuable items they bring to camp. In addition many times these items are a distraction to the activity that is taking place. If your child must have a phone with him/her, it must be off during camp hours and can be only used after dismissal time.


Each week we send out an email with the following week’s schedule. At times we also send updates during the week. A weekly newsletter is compiled by each division that will be available online.

We will also be setting up a “what’s App” group. Please download “what’s app” onto your phone and we will add your number for instant updates.

We have also set up a blog to view pictures, news and updates during the week. Please check them often.


To enrich camper’s Jewish knowledge, Camp Gan Israel incorporates a Tzivos Hashem Program. In this program campers can study specific Jewish topics and memorize Prayers and Torah Passages. Children will be rewarded for the material that they learned. Please encourage them to partake in this program.


In order for camp to run smoothly, please make all financial arrangements before camp begins. All fees should be paid within the time allotment given to you. Payments by cash, check or credit card are accepted.

No child we be allowed into camp without a signed financial agreement or tuition paid in full.

Any questions that relate to paid tuition, or balance due, should be directed to Sori at 310-341-3837. Our federal tax ID number is 95-4867184 . Please make a note of this for your taxes.


Our office numbers are:



Please call during the hours of 8:30 am – 5:00 pm, unless the issue is very urgent and can not wait.

We may also be reached by email:

You can also like us on FACEBOOK at

We look forward to another wonderful camp season!